Uses Of A Toaster: 5 Weird Ways To Use It

As a parent of carbohydrate-loving kids, the toaster is one of my most used small appliances. Here are five ridiculous uses of a toaster.

1. Use your toaster to make grilled cheese.

Turn the toaster on its side, then place two slices of bread, each with cheese on top, and you’re done! You have a perfect grilled cheese.

2. Use your toaster to heat veggie burgers.

Veggie burgers tend to be quite dry and dense, which is why they are sometimes called hippie hockey pucks.

3. Use your toaster to make tacos.

Yes, you can turn soft tortillas into crispy, ready-to-fill taco shells – according to, well, us! Just make sure you get the correct size tortillas and pay close attention.

4. Use your toaster to turn the sweet potatoes into toast.

According to Spoon University, you can make gluten-free toast by baking thinly sliced ​​sweet potato chunks in your toaster.

5. Use your toaster to grill a steak.

Is it a coincidence that a modest cut of steak is roughly the same dimensions as a piece of toast? BroBible YouTubers Rhett and Link think not.


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