What Are The Uses Of Electric Kettle: 5 Less Known Uses

There are many appliances available today beyond your dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, and more…

In the appliances aisles of certain stores, you will find microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens, electric mixers, and more.

One of the most popular small appliances is the kettle, favored for its affordability as well as its versatility.

While an electric kettle is primarily used for heating, they are capable of doing a few more things as well. It is also known as tea kettles…  We will cover some of the other uses of the electric kettle in this post.

Primary Uses Of Electric Kettle

1. Purifying Water

Since the development of medical science and awareness among people. Eating and drinking healthily have become a necessity for people.

2. Safer Than Most

The electric kettle has a built-in automatic shut-off. There are many ways that an electric kettle is safe to use.

3. Saves Energy

In these times, with a high carbon footprint, climate change, and energy scarcity, you should consume as little as possible. It’s an energy-efficient device.

4. Time-Saving

In our work life, we don’t have that much extra time to sit back and relax with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

5. Better Results

All one wants is a perfect cup of tea or coffee in the morning. But there is always a problem when they try to do it.

uses of electric kettle

Today, we will look at some other uses of the electric kettle, from the most common to the most overlooked.

  1. Such as making hot beverages like tea.
  2. You can also use it for french press coffee.
  3. The electric kettle will boil the water at the perfect temperature for your baby.
  4. You can even boil an egg with the use of an electric kettle.
  5. Electric kettles can make your morning oatmeal in an instant.
  6. Like oatmeal, It can also make you the cream of wheat.
  7. One of the common uses for the electric kettle is making a steaming cup of hot chocolate.
  8. You can actually cook rice in your electric kettle.
  9. You can also heat milk in your electric kettle! However, while heating milk, you need to pay more attention to it.
  10. You can cook soup at the right temperature in the electric kettle.
  11. Making instant noodles is another use that may come as a surprise.

The Special About Electric Kettle:

Kettles can be used for much more than you can imagine. The obvious reason to get a kettle is to boil water. No matter if its a cold water…

Faster electric kettles will get the job done much faster than the stove or microwave.

but How Electric Kettle Works?

An electric kettle is a single electrical kitchen appliance, but it comes with two different important parts. These two parts work hand in hand to produce an efficient output.

Their important parts are,

  1. Heating element
  2. Thermostat

1. Heating element – The heating element converts electricity into heat and this heat boils the liquid inside the kettle.

2. Thermostat A thermostat is always connected to the heating element in such a way that the thermostat can control the heating element.

A thermostat plays the role of controlling the heating capacity of the heating element and also turns off the power once the required temperature is reached.

At first, electric kettles didn’t have any complicated operations, the only thing they had was a well-built body and then a heating element inside …

The user had to manually turn off the kettle once the liquid boiled. However, new electric kettles are different.

electric kettle uses

Now, let’s elaborate on the other uses of electric kettle in detail:

1. Make Hot Beverages

The most popular use for a kettle, whether electric or stove-top, is for making hot beverages.

To make tea or coffee, all you really need to do is add some quantity of water to your kettle and let it heat to the proper temperature.

Then, pour the water from the kettle into your mug with the tea or coffee bag inside. There you go! This strategy works with hot chocolate too

2. French Press Coffee

Another great use for your electric kettle is using it for French Press Coffee.

French Press Coffee is so much better than instant, and if you don’t mind a little extra cleaning afterward, it’s well worth the extra effort.

3. Baby Bottle Water

For Baby, the water in the bottle should be at the right temperature…

Some electric kettles come with a number of functions and settings to adjust how hot or lukewarm you need the water to be.

Your kettle doesn’t just have to boil water. It could heat it up to the perfect temperature for your little one every time, without you having to continually check and verify that it is safe.

4. Boil an Egg

Did you know that you can boil an egg in your kettle?

We only recommend doing this with kettles that don’t have the coil exposed at the bottom, unless you have a fitting to prevent the egg from touching the coil.

Some people also prop the kettle on one side so that the eggs move away from the heating element.

5. Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal should be just that, instant, so you should try making it with your electric kettle the next time you make it.

Faster electric kettles can make your morning oatmeal so much more instant, convenient, easier, and delicious.

6. Cream of Wheat

Like oatmeal, you can also make your cream of wheat with an electric kettle. Here again, it will speed your cook time, cut down on dishes, and all-around make your life a little easier.

This is another one of the less common uses for the electric kettle.

7. Hot Chocolate

One of the more common uses for the hot water kettle is making a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

This way you can use the stay warm feature many modern electric kettles sport in order to keep your cocoa warm all afternoon. An added bonus is how it will speed your cooking time.

8. Cook Rice

Yes, you can actually cook rice in your kettle, although you will face a little clean-up afterward if there is an exposed coil at the bottom.

To make some rice, simply soak the grains in water for 20 minutes before, add few cups of water and rice to the kettle. You can also add some spices or vegetables to the kettle, but never add bulky items like meat.

Turn the kettle on and let everything cook for roughly 20 minutes, though the timing(cooking time) will vary based upon the amount of rice you are trying to make.

If your kettle has an automatic shut-off feature, you will need to turn it back on a couple of times to ensure your rice cooks well.

9. Heat A Little Milk

Yes, you can heat milk in your kettle as well! Just empty your kettle of water, if there is any in there, and add your desired amount of milk.

The only difference with heating milk in your kettle rather than water is you will have to pay more attention to it. Most would advise you to avoid letting the milk boil.

10. Soup

Soup is one use for your electric kettle that you may not have thought to try yet. It is more common than you may think, though.

Lots of people love how that wonderful, stay warm feature keeps your soup just the right temperature for when you go back for seconds or even thirds.

It makes things easier on the cook and saves a little time…

11. Instant Noodles

Making instant noodles, or instant ramen noodles is another use that may come as a surprise. Some college students swear by this trick in their dorms where hot plates are a no-no.

Bonus: an electric kettle can keep the noodles warm. Plus, the fastest electric kettle makes instant noodles quick, convenient food, with fewer dishes to worry about washing.

These are some electric kettle uses…


Electric kettles will make your life easier, speeding up cooking time and keeping things warm even after they are cooked. You can also use this kettle for cooking…

An electric kettle can do far more than you may expect, it is best for college students who are living in a hostel.


The water will stay quite hot for about 20-30 minutes, but again it will depend on how much water is in it and how cold the outside room is.

The use of an electric kettle is to boil water. Which is a basic use of it…

Whereas electric kettle can be used in many ways; like cooking noodles, boiling eggs, boiling milk, making tea, and making coffee. Which is a multipurpose use…

Electric Kettles are typically made with a material like stainless steel, but can also be made from copper or other metals. Some electric kettles are made of iron, steel, aluminum, or a combination of metals as well as plastics.
Gently scrub the inside of the kettle and rinse well with fresh water. You can also use the scrubber to clean the outside of the kettle if you need to.
Boiling water kills microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and parasites. … A kettle usually brings the water to a boil before turning off.
An electric kettle is a household appliance that is widely used in hot water for drinking or cooking.

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