Types Of Toaster: 4 Types, You Must Know

It is estimated that the average household in the US spends about 35 hours a year toasting bread and about 75 million household members make a toast every day.

Here are some types of toaster that you must know…

1. Standard toasters

When deciding on the design of the toaster you want, there are two things to consider: the size of the counter space you have available, and whether you want a two or four-slice toaster.

Both are a matter of preference and taste, of course, but the toaster takes up space and available counter space is still an important consideration that you should definitely think about before rushing out and buying the first toaster you see.

2. Toaster ovens

Toaster ovens are convenient because they are designed to heat, toast, and even cook a variety of foods, and they come in so many designs and types that it’s almost impossible not to find the right one for you.

Toaster ovens are considered by many people to be a second oven for their home because they can be used for roasting, heating, baking, defrosting, reheating, and toasting, to name a few.

3. Convection toaster ovens

Convection toaster ovens are used primarily by commercial entities, but they manufacture convection toaster ovens for personal use.

The main difference between a normal oven or toaster and one that has a convection function is the built-in fan that works to produce a more even heat, allowing you to cook your food fully, more efficiently, and much faster.

4. Commercial toaster/oven ovens

Commercial toasters and toaster ovens are designed specifically for commercial use and therefore many of them are designed a little differently than products intended for individual or household use.

Their designs often include larger components that accommodate the ability to cook large amounts of food at once and even the parts themselves can be designed a bit sturdier than those for home use, due to the fact that they become much stronger tools than, personal devices.

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