Nescafe Coffee Maker -É Smart Mug

Nescafe Coffee Maker – E Smart Coffee Mug is one of the most innovative coffee makers available on the Indian market.

We are reviewing this coffee maker because we were surprised the first time we saw the features of these products.

Let’s find out if the Nescafe E smart coffee maker is truly a gem in real life or just on paper.

But…What is a smart coffee maker?

Coffee makers are getting smart with well-designed mobile apps that connect to the internet, allowing consumers to monitor and control their coffee brewing operations with new levels of convenience and precision.

About this Product

As the name suggests, it is a smart coffee maker that can connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

In addition, the coffeemaker is already pre-programmed to prepare 15 different types of coffee for users.

The user can customize it through Bluetooth connectivity. Furthermore, the Nescafe E mug is a portable and efficient product.

Nescafe E is a coffee maker that can make coffee instantly.

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Detailed Analysis:

1. Durable and Portable

The coffee maker feels really premium and seems very durable. Also, the machine is about the size of a cup and is very portable and you can easily carry it in your backpack.

The weight of the coffee cup is around 520 grams and the docking station is around 420 grams. The coffee mug is spill and leakproof.

Since the smart coffee maker E can make your coffee in 60-90 seconds, you can easily make another cup of coffee at any time if you want.

2. A Smart Coffee Maker – Connect with Bluetooth

The device is a smart device, which means that you can connect your smartphone to the machine and you can make any coffee you like.

The application of the machine offers you the possibility to prepare more than 15 types of coffees such as Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Espresso, Cold Coffee, Frappe, and many more caffeine hits.

Simply turn on the Nescafe E smart coffee maker via its 220v socket.

Install the application called NESCAFÉ É and tap to connect with Bluetooth. The application is available for both Android and IOS.

3. Hot & Cold Coffee

Another excellent quality of the Nescafé E smart cup is that it can prepare hot and cold coffee.

You can customize your coffee since you can select the number of ingredients and the temperature. The temperature range is 20 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Either you can pour it into your favorite cups or what you can do is use the Nescafé E cup and drink straight from it…

Not to mention that,

The Nescafe E will clean itself automatically, all you need to do is put the device into cleaning mode from the app and follow the instructions.

Easily controlled via the NESCAFÉ É Mug app, it perfectly prepares a wide range of consistently high-quality coffee recipes at all times.

Whether it’s a hot, frothy cappuccino, a fresh, creamy iced coffee, or an espresso with an exotic twist, É makes it for you.

This device comes with a 1-year warranty…






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