Hand Blender Uses And Functions: Know it before you make a purchase!

A hand blender is one of the most useful appliances to have in your kitchen, the instrument which makes cooking easy. In this article, you will learn about hand blender uses and functions.

but...What is Hand Blender?

Hand blenders are one of the most practical and compact devices that are very useful in our daily life. It has many other names like a hand mixer, immersion mixer, etc. It adds certain ease to cooking.

A perfect blender should have a long shaft with a lighter body so that it can be mounted on the wall easily.

Hand blenders are used to prepare smoothies, ketchup, sauce, mayonnaise, and many everyday foods that can be made instantly without much effort.

Even though a hand blender is a very small and portable appliance, do not underestimate its power.

We can use it for several things from basic blending to the blending of purees and whisking batters for cakes and muffins that would give an amazing touch to your party.

Also, a hand blender carries a great number of benefits as well.

Let’s discuss what are the uses of the best hand blender in detail:

1. Blend Liquids

Primarily, handheld blenders are your regular blenders that blend liquids, just like your countertop blenders.

Nothing different than the countertop blenders. The only difference is that they are more portable and efficient.

Instead of putting your ingredients in the blending jar, you can directly blend your ingredients in whichever utensils they are in.

It is very easy to make smoothies right in the glass of milk without spilling a drop while transferring the smoothie from jar to glass.

2. Mix solids and liquids

This is suitable for making soups in just a matter of time. You can simply put the handheld blender in the soup container add ingredients of soup and boom!

Your soup is ready…There are a lot of best hand blenders in India…

3. Making purees

You can also use this appliance for making purees. You just attach different accessories as per your requirement and there you have your purees.

You can also make pastes using this hand blender.

4. Mix batter

Imagine having a birthday party at your house and you want to serve homemade delicious food then this is your perfect companion for that as well.

Not only for making batters you can also use it for whisking eggs for making a fluffier omelet, and other baked delights.

5. Chop vegetables

Those old-school days of chopping veggies with sharp knives are gone. Why use old school methods in the modern era.

The reasons are simple, first and the most important reason is those knives are risky to use and the second reason would be the method of chopping veggies with knives is time-consuming.

6. Cutting meat

Cutting soft meat into small pieces using hand blenders is easy…

But you must be very careful while using it because if by chance you add bones along with the meat then it would damage the blades of the blender, and you would not want that.

7. Mincing food

Mincing food is now no more an issue, especially onions that make us cry unnecessarily. No more irritating tears.

You can just add a mincer as an attachment to the hand blender and the rest will take care of everything.

Wrapping Up

The hand blender is one of the best appliances that one could have to enhance the cooking experience and can touch the level of master chefs we admire on the television screens.

It is compact, small, and portable which does not take up a lot of space in your kitchen and keeps your kitchen clutter-free.

To learn more about how a hand blender can be used to make delicious food. Then check this post…


The hand blender is used for blending fruits and veggies, emulsifying, puréeing, or whipping ingredients together. Rather than manually whisking for minutes, you can achieve the same results much faster.



A blender is best for making smoothies or blending soups or sauces. A mixer is great for mixing cake batters or whipping eggs or creams, you can also use a mixer to make different types of batter.


You can use the chopping attachment on your hand blender to chop vegetables and fruits. You can use it to cut and chop vegetables and fruits to a perfect, even consistency.

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