Electric Pressure Cooker Vs Normal Pressure Cooker: Best?

So you are reading this because you are probably looking to buy a new pressure cooker but haven’t decided yet.

You want to know the difference between, an electric pressure cooker and vs normal pressure cooker.

1. Electric Pressure Cooker

An electric pressure cooker’s biggest advantage is that you don’t have to watch it as carefully as a stovetop pressure cooker.

— you can set it and go about your business in the kitchen since it’s not on a hot stove.

Everything is automated with this type of cooker, so you simply select the pressure you need (there are often multiple settings to choose from) and it does the work.

It also has its own timer to let you know when your food is done.

All of these things combine to make a cooker that’s a bit easier to use, especially if you’re a first-time pressure-cooker user.

High pressure on an electric pressure cooker can often be a bit weaker than that on a normal pressure cooker or stovetop cooker.

This results in a longer cooking time. But the difference is small.

Electric pressure cookers are best for;

  • For those who are nervous about fiddling with heat settings – the electric cooker will do it automatically, just set it and forget it;
  • For those who are drowning in electric appliances like a slow cooker, rice cookers, and yogurt makers – an electric pressure cooker will replace all of them;
  • Busy parents who need to schedule dinner to be ready when they walk in the door will appreciate the cooking delay timer available in some models which starts cooking dinner before anyone is home;
  • College students or persons with limited kitchens – the electric pressure cooker is a complete cooking tool it browns/salutes, pressure cooks, and keep the food warm – some do even more;
  • Seniors and/or otherwise abled persons-no need to remember if the burner is on or off, the cooker will turn itself off after cooking  and can be placed at any height for easy access;
  • Expert cooks who have already moved all of their cooking to pressure and often have more than one stovetop cooker running – an electric is a great addition to the ensemble.

How much it will cost?

Because of all the bells and whistles, electric pressure cookers are more expensive.

The average electric cooker is six quarts, although smaller and larger models do exist.

Just keep in mind that electric cookers tend to be bulkier than stovetop cookers…

Making them a little more difficult to store.

2. Stovetop Pressure Cooker

While it might not be as high-tech as an electric pressure cooker, a stovetop pressure cooker is reliable and cost-efficient.

This type of cooker goes right on your gas or electric range.

It comes in various sizes, from as small as four quarts to as large as eight quarts.

A stovetop pressure cooker usually has at least two settings: low and high pressure.

You’ll need to adjust your stove by turning it to maximum heat while the cooker reaches pressure, then lowering it while the cooker maintains that pressure.

Most don’t have a built-in timer, so you just need to watch the clock yourself to know when your food is done.

Stovetop or Normal Cookers are best for;

  • Those who want speed and power since they reach higher heat and pressure than electrics;
  • Those who value durability over convenience – electrics can last years but stovetop cookers last decades, generations;
  • Cooks who want to try advanced pressure cooking techniques – many require the higher pressure and lesser evaporation of modern stovetop cookers;
  • Cooks like to tinker and supervise the cooking since the pressure is released faster than electrics.

How much it will cost?

In terms of pricing, this cooker is affordable to buy.

Tends to be easier to store, as it can often be stored among your other pots and pans since it’s a similar shape and size.

You can also use the base of the pot, without the lid, as a regular cooking pot, giving it a dual purpose.

So if you have limited space, it might be a better option.

Which is better electric or stovetop pressure cooker?

Electric pressure cookers are slower than stovetop models aka normal pressure cookers aka pressure cookers

Sometimes taking almost three times longer to reach pressure in our tests.

But they are easier to operate, and once you have an idea of the time required for your recipes, they need less attention than stove models.

Some other advantages are,

  1. The electric pressure cookers we tested also offer other cooking options, such as steaming or making rice.
  2. Electric pressure cookers are almost silent for most of the cooking and are noisy only when pressure is released at the end of cooking.

When the pressure is released, the contents of the pot can be sprayed on the lid and outside…

Making cleaning a bit difficult because the electrical part of the pots cannot be submerged in water.


Whatever you choose (electric pressure cooker vs normal pressure cooker), remember that you’re already doing well!

Both the electric pressure cooker and normal pressure cooker are fast, energy-efficient, and nutrition-preserving methods of cooking…

So however you go about it, you’re already doing just fine!

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