Best Filter Coffee Maker 2020: our top coffee machines

The best filter coffee maker will brew you the perfect black coffee, and all you’ll need to do is add milk to recreate all those lovely coffee shop flavors.

There are many types as seen in our coffee machines guide – will make delicious cups of black coffee.

A filter coffee machine essentially offers a simple-to-use interface, easy set-up, low maintenance, and can make up to 10 to 12 cups at a time.

Keep scrolling for our top picks – These coffee machines have been carefully selected based on the ease of use, ease of maintenance, performance, and price so we can help you to choose the best filter coffee machine, for you.




It’s simple to use, but with enough functionality to make your life just a little bit easier,

this filter coffee machine from Morphy Richards is a functional, usable, reasonably priced filter coffee machine that’ll prove useful in all kitchens.

What’s it good at?

The ‘showerhead’ pour-over technology creates a full flavor, so it’s good for black coffee drinkers who like to really taste those notes in their favorite grind.

The hot plate heats your coffee for 25 minutes and the flavor changes very little at that time.

Why we like it

It’s not too bulky and its sleek design means we’d be happy to leave it on our countertop. It takes just over seven minutes to brew a liter of coffee, so it’s pretty speedy, plus we like how you can select different strengths for your brew.

Our favorite feature? You can set a timer on your coffee machine so you can have a full jug waiting for you by the time you wake up.

What don’t we like?

The water tank isn’t removable, which isn’t a massive problem but it does mean it can be tricky to refill and clean.

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An easy to use which is an affordable price, this filter coffee machine is ideal for those who have a busy home life and rely on coffee to keep them going.


What’s it good at?

Not only can it make up to 14 cups of coffee from one brew, but that coffee will stay hot for a while.


Why we like it 

For all the features we will go on to mention, the stand out one for us is the auto cleaning function. It makes keeping your filter coffee machine in the best condition.

Then all you need to do is run a cycle with a proprietary brand of descaler suitable for use in plastic-bodied products, according to instructions.


What don’t we like?

As we may have already mentioned, the hotplate keeps the brewed coffee warm for 40 minutes.

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The classic Tower Filter Coffee Maker gets a sleek modern makeover in this budget brewer from Tower.

If you just want a great cup of coffee for a reasonable price, this is the machine for you.


What’s it good at?

It’s anti-drip, keeping surfaces mess-free; has a permanent nylon filter for less waste and easy cleaning.

Moreover, there is a warming plate to keep your coffee warm for up to 50 minutes.


Why we like it

This model is the cheapest on our list of the best filter coffee machines. And you get a really high-quality coffee machine for your money.


What don’t we like?

As you would expect for the price, it does feel a little flimsy but it does come with a three-year guarantee, considering its price is pretty good.

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