Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cooking In Clay Pots

Clay cookware is made of earthenware, which means that this cookware has too many natural properties that make them more unique and beneficial for health.

In this article, I will be sharing the advantages and disadvantages of cooking in clay pots.

Nature has many benefits. If we live a natural life, it will be worth it...

Using clay or clay pottery is one more step toward Mother Nature.

but…What is a clay pot?

A clay pot is a cooking pot made of clay.

These pots can be used on the stove, but are more commonly used in the oven to make specialized dishes, and they can also be used on fire pits and buried pits for various regional meals.

Like everything, this has its explanation.

Clay pots have their advantages and disadvantages, and today we will talk about them…

Advantages Of Cooking In Clay Pots

Well, let’s start with the healthy eating aspect.

Pure clay is inert, which means that it will not react with food.

Even if that weren’t the case, clay is packed with nutrients like magnesium and calcium, unlike toxins and chemicals found in metal cookware.

1. Tasty food:

Food cooked in clay pots is tastier than any other cooking pan.


Because, the moisture content of the food is retained, which makes the food juicier, tender, and fresher than conventional cooking.

This is unique to clay cooking and helps to bring the spices and seasonings much deeper into the food, giving it that extra special touch of flavor.

2. pH balance of the food:

Clay as a material has alkaline properties.

Which neutralizes the pH balance of food by interacting with acids in food.

Acidic foods like tomatoes will take on some natural sweetness and taste great when cooked in clay pots.

3. Maintain 100% Nutrition in food:

Clay pots have the unique quality of keeping in all the steam and vapor that evaporate during cooking.

Clay pots help to retain all the nutrients of the food.

It also reduces the need to add more oil and/or water.

4. Less Oil: 

A fat-free meal is possible while cooking in clay pots, as they have a non-stick property.

This helps less oil use while cooking in crock pots, resulting in a decrease in bad cholesterol and a slimmer waistline.

5. Retains heat for a longer time:

Terracotta is a poor conductor of heat, but the advantage is that the amount of heat it conducts is almost perfect for cooking food without overheating or cooking under high pressure.

6. Uniform cooking:

Clay is a porous material, it allows heat and moisture to circulate evenly through the pot during cooking, unlike metal or stainless steel pots.

This superior form of heat circulation helps cook vegetables and meat evenly.

7. Environmental benefits:

Clay is an environmentally friendly substance, as it is completely natural, inert, and non-toxic.

When properly cared for, these clay pots can last for quite a long time.

Disadvantages of Cooking in Clay Pots

Below, I have highlighted some disadvantages of cooking foods in clay pots, which you should not ignore:

1. Get Cracks on High Temperature

If you do not watch the temperature, chances are that due to the sudden change in temperature, your clay pot will crack during cooking.

Make sure to maintain an even temperature of the stove’s oven or a low flame while cooking food in the clay pots.

And if you have to prepare food over high heat.

Initially keep the flame low and gradually increase the flame.

Other than this, use a wooden spatula to stir the food, and do not tap spoons on the sides of the pots or drag the pots across the burners.

2. Clay Pots Are Porous

It means that you cannot directly clean the clay pots with soap or a dishwasher such as metal cookware.

If you do, the soap or detergent will soak into the clay and may leach into the next meal you cook in that clay pot.

Instead, you should clean a clay pot with hot water and a stiff brush.

3. Can Change Food Flavor

If you cook dishes with strong flavors, such as seafood, in the new clay pot, the flavor of the food may seep (leach) inside the pot.

This can cause a change in the taste of other dishes that you cook in that pot.

4. Can Get Hot Quickly

It is important to cook food in clay pots carefully because they heat up quickly and this can burn your hands.

However, it also cools down quickly.

Therefore, be sure to keep your children away from the kitchen while cooking food in a clay pot.

5. Not That Much Affordable

Clay pots are a bit more expensive than metal cast iron cookware.

On the other hand, there is no denying that clay pots are quality cookware with too many health benefits and are easy to handle.

Cooking in a clay pot will increase the overall flavor of food, which is why more people are considering cooking in clay pots.

Wrap Up…

We are very careful about the things we eat, so why not the utensils we cook in?

Earthenware is one of the best ways to cook food, and it actually benefits your health.

So go ahead or should we say go back to using clay pots to cook tasty and healthy meals in your daily life.

I’m sure you have read all the pros and cons of cooking in clay pots, make sure you don’t buy any glazed or polished, rather try to find the unglazed ones.

If you put them in your hands, you won’t want to miss out on the earthy flavors in the food and you will surely never want to go back to other utensils.

Furthermore, clay pots possess many useful properties, as well as being environmentally friendly…


Are clay pots toxic?

There are no toxic materials or chemicals used in making clay cookware.
It is environment-friendly and safe to use in all kitchen appliances and is used with all types of food.

Is it safe to use clay pots on a gas stove?

Yes, you can use clay pots on gas stoves.
However, make sure that the clay pot is pure unglazed, and made of all-natural clay.

Can I put a Clay Pot in the dishwasher?

You can’t put a clay pot in a dishwasher, If you do, the soap or detergent will soak into the clay and may leach into the next meal you cook in that clay pot. Instead, you should clean a clay pot with hot water and a stiff brush

Is it safe to cook food in clay pots?

Yes, clay pots are safe for cooking any type of food.
If you take care of certain things, like clay pots are temperature sensitive, if it gets very hot, it can break easily, etc.

Is it healthy to cook in a Clay Pot?

Clay Pot is said to add many important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulfur to food. which are extremely beneficial for our body.

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